frizz’ d {deafening silence}

deafening silence2

deafening silence

In the stillness of the environment only the hushing of the wind, the rustling of the leaves, the hissing warmth of sunshine are the radical echoes of sound.  Where there is only but the expected measure of resonance, the pleasure of quiet and peace mute even the beating of one’s heart.

We can close our eyes and be attuned to the softest of whispers from our hearts that can draw the yearnings, the dreams, the heartaches, the joys and captured memories into echoes of celebrations pinning beautiful milestones of harmony into musical interludes in the sound of silence.  In the deeper recesses, we even hear the voice of conscience either being convicted or applauded.

In this deafening silence, the reawakening of our inner self blossoms into a new creation being transformed into the image of the perfect Creator that can make us shout in praise.

another oxymoron phrase for  FrizzText’s ddd challenge


13 thoughts on “frizz’ d {deafening silence}

    1. Hi Allan, i guess when you are atop the bridge, amidst the sound of the winds, the height and perspective is like a deafening silence 🙂 although your perspective up there makes my palm sweat, i am sure you see the silence before you. thank you for your encouragement … i have seen the bridge from under 😉 — April

      1. My favorite time for silence at the bridge is when it is socked in with low fog and we are working on a tower above the top of the fog bank. It is like standing in a bowl of milk, ethereal white fog below with a brilliant blue sky above. The fog dampens the sound of the roadway below and the 360 degree field of vision is breath-taking. I have seen trailers of the Oblivion movie that came out earlier this year and that Sky Station looks a lot like my workplace this time of year.

    1. hi Lynne, i am trying to do the series for Frizz’ challenge … doing it one alphabet letter one week at a time … i am so touched by your interest, i hope to hurdle this very creative endeavor, the other entries are under the “Frizz’ alpha tags” category … thanks again 🙂

      1. Well, I just took a look and so far you are doing reallllly well. This is a difficult challenge you have set yourself. I shall be watching 😉

  1. thank you so much for
    continuing your oxymoron phrase series!
    An interesting example for
    “deafening silence”:
    “…In the deeper recesses,
    we even hear the voice of conscience
    either being convicted or applauded…”

    1. i am so glad you are with me on this … i hope to able to continue on, thank you so much for your support and encouragement, you are so kind. please just let me know if there is something that do not merit your approval … April

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