cee’s which way challenge: week two


Many times we have ideals that seem to be more than fantasies leading to desiring things that are beyond what we can achieve.  Our dreams seem to be unreal or too steep to conquer.  However, we should make our goals more attainable giving us a life that is truthful based on the love of God that is the steadfast reality of our very existence.

Our life should also be fun that will make us enjoy each moment in child-like enthusiasm but within the borders of righteous choices and motivation.  Every which way we go should lead us to a life that is wholesome, beyond radical dreaming but doing and being in obedience to the truth of God who is the source of our life.

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21 thoughts on “cee’s which way challenge: week two

    1. hi Viveka, the last time we were at Disney with the kids was the age when we still used films … so i would need a scanner for that 😉 this was taken in the universal studios in singapore … would love to go back to Disneyworld someday, probably with our grandkids 😉

      1. Grandkids …. do you have grandkids ..???? You don’t look old enough for that. I have been to Disney World in Anaheim and Disney Land in Paris … I have very mixed feeling about it, but Paris I enjoyed more. For kids .. it’s just a magical place.

      2. That’s what I thought, you look so young …. I’m sure you will have grandchildren when then that times comes. *smile

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