weekly photo challenge: fresh


In Lamentations 3, verses 22 and 23 say:

“The Lord’s loyal kindness never ceases;
his compassions never end.
They are fresh every morning;
Great is Your faithfulness”

Fresh or new … the break of morning signals fresh beginnings, a new hope that will bring a smile, a sigh, another chance, a clearance, a reason to live!  May the dawn of the next day bring more than the light that shines at the end of a tunnel, but a fresh start to rise from the fall learning that God’s faithfulness guides us to the threshold of new beginnings,  our only reason why we always wake up afresh.

share a photo which means fresh to you …


22 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: fresh

    1. Hi Mrs. B … it is the wet season in my part of the world and we have been having moments of heavy rains recently. i am praying that your summer days will not get warmer, but just enough for you and family to enjoy the beach! thank you for taking the moment to saying HI and encouraging … always loving hearing from you 🙂

      1. April, I knew that it was dew – from your words, don’t know why I relate it to rain. Sorry, but it doesn’t change that your photo is beautiful.

      2. oh, i am sorry, i didn’t mean to be too literal … thank you for your kindness … dew or rain — they are always welcomed respites of freshness … thank you for appreciating my efforts, means much, Viveka 🙂

      3. I know that you didn’t mean it literal …. I had read your words and still I related to rain – but my whole day yesterday was a bit upside down. *smile .. and the day before too – sometimes I think one thing and write another.

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