a word a week … unexpected

There are things unexpected but they just happen … meant to be.  Yet, the bigger picture eventually translates the reason why it did, why the Lord allowed it.


This was taken one weekend down south.  As we were walking the shore, this man just opened his fishing net as if it were his cape! It was an intriguing fishing implement we saw for the first time.   We waited for the man to come to shore so we can have a look at it but it took forever for him to finish up … maybe if he used a regular fishing rod?

expectant … join Sue’s word a week challenge


7 thoughts on “a word a week … unexpected

  1. Oh my, I hope he had a successful day with his sculptural fishing net. If anything, it made an artistic photograph 🙂

    1. now that i look at it again, it is a very interesting contraption indeed … the net would make a very beautiful wispy canopy in a rustic home … thank you for the term “sculptural”, it inspired creativity 🙂

    1. hi Jayde … wishing you best blessings for your magazine. i am hoping to share something worthwhile to read for your next issue, not too confident to do so for your initial venture … thank you for dropping by — April

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