frizz’ c {clearly confused}

clearly confusing

clearly confused …

When traveling to a destination for the first time, it is clearly one’s desire to see the most significant attribute in terms of landmark the place is known for.  But if the locale is worth more than one momentous edifice, character, natural formation, or even food … one is clearly confused as to which one is first captured in a photograph as backdrop or as a memory to be bulleted as done.

I was so amazed at how our fellow travelers were trying to sneak into a pose, capturing every viable angle in order to take in a share of the journey’s highlights.  Most times I myself am clearly confused at the possibilities of capturing and imprinting milestones in my heart that will forever remain celebrations of God’s provision and grace in my life; but always grateful even if undeserving.

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9 thoughts on “frizz’ c {clearly confused}

    1. hi Isadora, thank you for visiting … i have been trying to feature “oxymoron” phrases on Frizz’ challenge. a difficult concept to work on, but i have been getting encouraging rapport from the community. — April

  1. Sometimes one just has to give it up and take shots regardless of the people, and the Spanish Steps is one of them. And sometimes one is surprised at how the people can add to the overall shot.

    1. Hi Lynne, yes that is true … i have learned to just let go at times and you are so right at saying that people enhance the scenario altogether. thank you for your encouragement — April

    1. hi Sonel, thank you … i just took this photo without much thought because i, too, was waiting for a moment to catch a photo of the STEPS all to myself, which at that point was hopeless. but then, this opportunity came up and i was able to use it aptly for Frizz’ challenge, in hindsight … it was a good shot after all 🙂 — April

  2. Rome has many church buildings, indeed, but also some flashbacks to cruelty in history: the Colosseum for example … – my favorite building in Rome: the Pantheon …

    1. it was not a good thing that Bob and i missed visiting the Pantheon because we had to leave for Firenze … praying that we can go back to Roma and go back to the places we were not able to see the first time …

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