cee’s which way challenge: week one


Day after day, we live a life that thrills, bores, challenges … it passes on to the next in a fleeting moment, unhindered even unnoticed. Until we reach a place where we can not go on anymore, where we are not allowed, where we have to take a step backward and retrace our paces and ask why.

When that time comes, let us not give up … be still, listen to our heart whispering HIS name. Β In the silence, hear the Lord’s voice calling our name, because HE is our only hope when we do not know “which way” to go …

be a part of Cee’s which way challenge …


16 thoughts on “cee’s which way challenge: week one

  1. April, such a delicately said prose to whispers we sometimes wish to escape from…the whispers from our heart.

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