five minute friday: present



Present … not yesterday … not tomorrow but today …

happening according to how it should be, yet hoping to be walking
hand in hand with the Lord who weaves my reason for being

I pray that i choose wisely, turning my back at things, thoughts
and choices that will turn my present into a bleak memory for
tomorrow that will shame me to face my Lord because i hurt HIM today …

may my present always sing praises to HIM, thankful that despite my
deceitful heart, HE pursues me, always present every moment allowing
me close to HIS perfect heart.


My entry for “Five Minute Friday” where a prompt is given by Lisa-Jo Baker.  For five minutes, just be who you are and be enthralled with the joy of writing.  Be immersed by your hearts whispers and just keep writing.  No need to correct or rewrite … be as imperfect … just the way you are …

Five Minute Friday


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