simply, a moment … remembering Lot’s wife

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It is another week to share in “Chasing History” by OneGirl writing about women Biblical characters and relating their stories on how best they can inspire and encourage  us today.


Lot’s wife had the privilege of having a husband who was a believer and nephew of Abraham, another man of God.  She was witness to the many gracious outpouring of blessings to her family, however, until the last moment of her life she refused to accept in obedience the truth of God.

Prior to the dawn of Sodom’s destruction, two angels were sent to their household.  Lot’s wife must have heard about the warnings and directives to gather their family and flee before the Lord handed His judgement to the city.  Lot, his wife and two daughters were uncertain about heeding the admonition that they needed their hands seized to be brought out of the impending chaos.

The foursome was told to head to the direction of the mountains to safety.  Specifically warned to keep going and never to look back.

Genesis 19, verse 26 says:  “But Lot’s wife looked back as she was following behind him, and she turned into a pillar of salt.”

Many times we are told in this life to flee from the world that will entangle us.  We are encouraged to look forward towards the hope of the Lord and leave behind the encumbrances of our worldly desires.

Yet, we choose to fall behind, laden and defeated.

However, by God’s grace, we can be steadfast not to look back but face the life set before us in the righteous hope of Jesus.  Accept and dwell in this truth … and live!

Jesus, in the book of Luke, mentioned that we should remember Lot’s wife and what happened to her.

He reminded us of our unpreparedness in this life when the time comes that we need to decide. Let us remember Lot’s wife and  flee from the things that will burden us with the old lifestyle blinding us and turning our hearts into stone.

We should resolve to choose the path to life which is in obedience to the WILL of the Father and not glance back.


9 thoughts on “simply, a moment … remembering Lot’s wife

  1. Lovely share April. I’ve had my share of “Lot’s wife” moments, too, but thank God indeed for His unending grace. I’ve been wanting to join the link-up since I read your post about Jochebed. I hope to join in next week. We’re on school break now so just enjoying the play time with the kids and not getting so much done on the blogging side.

  2. Visiting from Chasing History link-up! 🙂

    I so often want to look back to see where I’ve come from and what the Lord has done. But, He doesn’t want me to look back. He wants us to look forward, towards the life that He has set before us. To be excited for the future, not scared, because we know that He has our future!

    Good post! Thank you for this! 🙂


    1. Hi Jess, i have been so wanting to connect with “sisters” and you and April have been so kind to have shared this moment with me. thank you so much 🙂

      yes, i have glanced back a couple of times, yet HE has redirected my focus all the time. our LORD truly pursues and i desire to just see only HIM as my future. blessings — April

  3. Thank you April for today’s inspiration. I needed to read this today. Life has so many distractions that diverts our real purpose in this world. I have a lot of shortcomings and I hope God continues to be patient with me. I hope and pray that I will move forward with steadfast love and faith in my heart and that prayer I also offer to my family , friends and more importantly to those who need it the most. God bless.

    1. i am touched by heartwarming interactions among reader friends, it makes writing a meaningful experience. i praise God that you find inspiration from the things i am learning from Him and am able to share because of HIS grace. blessings to you, Mr. B 🙂

  4. Amen to this!!! Our pastor just talked about something similar in his sermon on Sunday – how we are to not look back at our past life now that our hand is on the plow. For one who looks back longingly on the life he had before he was saved, does he really have faith at all? Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful post! Love it!

    1. Hi April, i have been meaning to post a comment for what you wrote about the donkey … and how it has made me realize that an ordinary person like me can do exceedingly extraordinary things for the service of the Lord … you are such an inspiration. praise God for letting me connect with another sister who is a thousand miles away. your kindness is so heart-warming. blessings to you — from April2

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