weekly photo challenge: companionable


these ten feet are five pairs of togetherness
companions for life assigned by God as a family …
even if they step out for the day, at night
all five pairs rest their soles in the quiet of one house
in friendly companionship, by God’s amazing grace  … always in love.

see companionable scenes on the weekly photo challenge


26 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: companionable

    1. hi Aj, i am hoping that we can still travel together as a family … our kids are growing older and have their individual interests and sets of friends. although they prioritize us over everything else … like you do with your Mom. you are such a good and loving son, Aj.

      1. Awww thanks April. It’s great that mom shares my love for travel. Actually I got it from her, so no need to drag her. She’s devoted most of her life raising us; it’s just fair we let her go out more now that we’ve grown up. 🙂 I’m pretty sure you’re kids would do the same.

    1. Hi Maralee, thank you for being so kind at encouraging me always. you have been very supportive by liking and sharing moments with me. i am always inspired when faith and family are involved in my posts, they keep my heart joyful! good morning … from the islands 🙂 — APRIL

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