traveling light …


What do you pack when you travel?

Are there outfit changes that can mimic runway glamour and scream tourist?  I have always been an exaggerated travel packer. Thus, I am in awe of backpacking travelers who carry their life stash on their backs.  Who also survive years on the road without being intimidated by lack of clean garments over and under.

Many times, Bob and I aim at being first in line in check-ins hoping for a merciful counter agent who will graciously allow our overly packed luggage free of excess charges.  We likewise believe on “an early bird catches the worm” conviction, praying the agent does as well.

I wish to learn to travel light considering that Bob and I are beginning to feel the pangs of aging.  Youth is a plus factor when travelling and since I am beyond it, I should tackle this reality more seriously with addressing my excesses.

Further, I am thinking that my extra baggage pertains not only to travel.  I am being convicted that I lag excesses on my journey which I tag as LIFE!

There are myriads of things I have picked up growing up even until getting old which classify as dispensable. I should begin somewhere and fast at listing them down because I might wake up one morning burdened with so much baggage.  Resulting to losing my footing and stumbling into oblivion not remembering the priorities that make up a joyful journey.

Trimming the excesses is a mighty feat.  However, we should focus on who God is in our life and how HE can take care of us.  This then will allow us quick ticking off and slashing out excesses fast enough as if a tsunami is after us.

Such is the wisdom God can accord us if we trust Him with our baggage because it is His magnanimous grace that can lighten our load.  Let us quit packing cumbersome extras.  Let us travel light trusting God’s sufficiency and faithfulness to make the journey a joyful experience even in repeated outfits of contentment and humility.


11 thoughts on “traveling light …

  1. I love short trips – just been to London for four days. THEN I manage being a light packer, and what a relief it is having only the small bag in my hands! I have become better at packing though…and when backpacking (I sometimes still do – despite being 50+…) for mountain trips I feel I’m really good at it.

    1. Hi Leya, i would have to take some lessons from you then. with the airlines adding extra charges for excesses, might as well really start learning to pack light …

      i miss London … but it will take a long time still before Bob and return. it is such a long haul from the islands. i’m sure you had a good trip 🙂

    1. Hi Amy, i agree with you a hundred percent on that … but i have to be more considerate of my travel buddy, Bob is starting to have recurring back pains, i wouldn’t want him to go through that every time. being a gentleman that he is, he seldom allows me to carry any heavy baggage 🙂 thanks for dropping by …

  2. We just returned from a cruise to the Bahamas and I found myself having to recycle garments. Of course there is a laundry service aboard the Carnival ships, but it comes with a price. many times when we travel, the location will provide laundry facilities with either coin operated or free controls. If that is the case we usually will pack lighter and do a load or two over our stay.

    1. Hi Joe, considering the formal “balls” you attend during cruises, it is expected that you bring more outfits! its cool to know that you can mix and match your attires and get away with it … i guess, with your dapper and charm, you definitely can. i would love to go on a cruise with my Bob someday!

    1. Hi Sylvia, i too envy them … but then, i should learn how to pack lighter … Bob has been having back aches and so have i. it just means that i have to be more considerate with my lifetime travel buddy 🙂

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