five minute friday: in between


GO …

always let me seek YOU …  always let me choose YOU

may your reality in my life stream down into the flow of my every moment … always being with YOU

even if I choose and is scaled down with the wrong option, you will

pursue me and take me back

even if i stumble and fall, you will choose to help me up because my place is right beside you

help me see YOU in all that I do,

make my life be transformed according to your will always

allow me hope in YOU alone,

never to waver in between.


This is my first entry for “Five Minute Friday” where a prompt is given by Lisa-Jo Baker.  For five minutes, just be who you are and be enthralled with the joy of writing.  Be immersed by your hearts whispers and just keep writing.  No need to correct or rewrite … be as imperfect … just the way you are …
Five Minute Friday


15 thoughts on “five minute friday: in between

    1. my heart’s wish … always:)

      because it is only our obedience that can transform our lives to the saving knowledge of our savior, Jesus Christ. not being too preachy, Mr. B — just sharing the truth I believe in — April

  1. Hello! First-great post and great pic with it! I love the part where you say He’ll always take us back, even if we make the wrong choices. How wonderful, right? He’ll even pursue us….undeserving as we are!

    1. Yes, HE pursues us even if we are undeserving … praying for your ministry, i praise God for your heart of service. thank you for finding time to visit 🙂 — APRIL

  2. So grateful you joined in for this FMF. Simply beautiful. “Help me see YOU in all that I do.” Praying this for you and I.
    Thank you for sharing. Blessings.

    1. Hi Joy, thank you for the warm welcome … i am so excited to have discovered this writing privilege, it makes me feel real without putting forth my best foot forward. i hope to be here every friday 🙂 have a blessed weekend … and thank you again for your encouragement

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