a word a week … tropical

Hailing from the tropics, I would have easily posted a photograph of a lovely island but i thought against it.  I had a few days to finally decide how best to take on this prompt … then, as i was about to do an errand, i saw this beautiful sight at our backyard.  I had to wait until the morning to take a shot as i know the lighting would be more dramatic and eventually more meaningful.

A bunch still attached to its stalk, hanging down on me and welcoming the morning with a warm glow!  Life in the tropics …


join us and enjoy summer … at Sue’s Word a Week Challenge


8 thoughts on “a word a week … tropical

    1. Hi Bebs … it was a eureka moment when i saw this and i knew it was another way to highlight the tropics. thank you for visiting and taking a moment 🙂 blessings to you …

      1. tahahaha…nakakainggit naman…walang saging na saba dito kung kaya’t ang mga bananacue ay kakaiba..hahha…ibang saging ang gamit huhuhu…paborito ko din yan

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