thought snippet thirty seven {handful}

In Ecclesiastes 4, verse 6 it says:

“Better to have one handful with quietness than two handfuls with hard work and chasing the wind.”


Less is more.

The five fingers when held like a fist mimic desires to hold intact which are considered essential.  Literally, each finger can count a memory, a possession, an achievement or even a loved one that can fill a longing or need.  Five is a good number that is easy to remember or easy to reciprocate.

In life, there is so much more, but a handful is sufficient motivation to feel content.

Why then do we seek for more?


4 thoughts on “thought snippet thirty seven {handful}

    1. Hi Tina, most times my heart is just so filled with the love for God … i hear Him speak through me. I am sorry if i am sounding too spiritual (can’t find a better term), i just hope that i am giving Him the glory all the time.

      i can probably rename that category as “passions” , then 😉 thank you for taking the moment, Tina … means much!

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