tagged Y … youth

That phase seemed a lifetime ago.  Yet it had beautiful memories I can go back to and enjoy reminiscing about.  Bob and I encourage our children to do the things that will make them happy and for them never to regret anything because in their freedom are attached responsibility and the better choice.

tagged Y

The young people of today are so barraged by social influences from all over.  With a flick of their fingers, they control their day to day activities that can either bring them joy and sadly, otherwise.  That is why my prayer is for parents, mentors, teachers and every responsible adult to encourage every young person in their midst to be accountable for the choice he makes.  With that simple influence, maybe we can begin to live more harmoniously together in this shrinking world.

… join us in FrizzTexts short reflection/story tagged Y


4 thoughts on “tagged Y … youth

    1. hi Elizz, thank you for the pingback, am honored and deeply encouraged. beautiful yellow bells, especially love the water droplets, they add a dramatic dimension to the capture …

  1. nice intro: YOUTH =
    “…That phase seemed a lifetime ago.
    Yet it had beautiful memories
    I can go back to and
    enjoy reminiscing about…”
    – so we feel too,
    especially when looking into
    a mirror, a true reality check…

    1. exactly my sentiments, Frizz 🙂 i am sure you have more wonderful memories of your youth, permit me to say, when life was simpler and more connecting activities with family and friends are spent together in creating those heartfelt memories. thank you for finding time to encourage 🙂

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