weekly photo challenge: curves


My photo juxtaposes man-made and natural curves.  The former being more simplified and aesthetically smoother in feel and texture; yet, the latter shows the rawness of nature evoking more shapes and curves that feed the thoughts more reason to conjure other images that inspire creativity.

In life, we are born with distinct characteristics but as we grow older we imbibe the influences of the world we live in.  Many transform us to become better, sadly some curb us differently.  May we choose the right curves that lead us into the truth.

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21 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: curves

    1. hi Tina … i am deeply touched when great photographers, like yourself, take a moment to give me encouragement with captures i make. i am no pro, a hobbyist who loves taking shots and sharing them with a hope to just give anyone a smile. Thank you, Tina for always encouraging me 🙂 — ABW

    1. Hi Viveka, this is a bridge over the Hoover Dam to get to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas … it looks small in scale because i was far from it, but it actually is a huge connection … thank you for visiting again, keep safe 🙂

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