plying the islands: “love” at first sight

I knew about the Mayon Volcano since my grade school days when I was told that it was one of our island’s most beautiful countryside enchantments; thus, it had been a dream to see it up close and personal.

The pilot just stated that we were off to Bicol, southwest of Manila, and in a few, announced that we arrived at our destination.  If on a road trip, it would have been at least eight hours of grueling driving, but flying is always a pleasure … any time.


The excitement at seeing this infamous (at least to us islanders) volcano defined in the dictionary as a rupture or opening in the planet’s surface throbbed in my heart ready to explode!  When I finally set my eyes on its lovely cone-shaped summit, I knew it was “love” at first sight.


I am a nature lover because it speaks to me about how almighty our Creator is.  How HIS glorious creation evokes HIS love to be enjoyed and shared.  Thus, I have chosen a few of what I captured of this beautiful volcano that spoke God’s love to me which I pray will do to your heart as well.




Mayon Volcano in Legazpi, Albay coordinates:  13.2567° N, 123.6850° E


8 thoughts on “plying the islands: “love” at first sight

    1. Hi Gracie, the Mayon just caught my fancy, i knew that it captured my heart the first time i saw it. you need to see it personally and you would know … again, the reminder, please let us know when you come home for a visit, okay?

    1. Hi Sylvia, thank you for the encouragement. I remember this moment as I was so mesmerized by this sunset beauty … i was atop a roof when i got this and i felt so puny just enjoying God’s artistry above me …

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