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I refused to write “Xmas” on greetings for the holiday cards I sent because I felt I was “x-ing” or nullifying the existence of Christ who is the real reason for the season of Christmas.  And then, I find out that “X” is the Greek letter “chi” and when added to “rho” (P) spells the Greek word “Kristos” translated, is CHRIST.

Many times we judge as we see or believe what we think is true.  What we can do is seek out to find the truth before even surmising anything.

After all is said, I still believe that “X-mas” is basically just a word.  What is important that the true meaning of CHRIST who is the Messiah should live in our hearts, accepted and believed because HE is.

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5 thoughts on “tagged X … xmas

  1. yes, I studied theology on university and learned Greek on school, so it was clear, Christ was written Χριστός.
    Thank you for your kind following of my A to Z – and sorry for remembering Christmas in the wrong time of the year 🙂

    1. Hi Frizz, thank you for complementing my entry, you are very kind at sharing your immense wisdom. it was a pleasure being part of your A to Z reflection series … i learned new things and was able to meet new friends as well.

      Christmas always brings very fond and meaningful memories any time of the year … have a great day, Frizz.

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