a word a week … face

Being face to face with the legendary Mona Lisa at the Louvre in Paris was such an exhilarating experience.  Although I was surprised at how small the scale of the painting was compared to the other enormous masterpieces; yet her demure face just elicited that poignant moment touching the soul with such an overwhelming joy.


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11 thoughts on “a word a week … face

  1. You will know it’s the section where the Monalisa is displayed once you see the crowd. People are really drawn to her mystic smile, ain’t they? And yes, I also initially thought it would be a large painting.

    1. hi Desiray, every time an opportunity is given by the Lord to see things i thought would only be in my dreams, i always shed a tear of thanksgiving because i know i am undeserving. that is too dramatic, right? but it is how i feel when the Lord blesses Bob and me with such beautiful gifts. thank you for visiting 🙂 — April

    1. Hi Gracie, it is nice to hear from you again. i know that you have been busy and what an exciting new venture at wedding photography! you take great photos, dear friend, and i am so proud of you … continue to have fun and thank you for sharing your new adventure with us 🙂

    1. thanks, Tina. although it was hard to take a good perspective because there were a lot of people trying to take a shot at her and she was encased in glass, so i know you can empathize with the challenge at being at the right area to capture a good one. thank you for visiting again …

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