plying the islands: Gota Village in Caramoan


Each one was geared for the trip. No matter how different or how eclectic … each heart was united in the thought and excitement of a new venue to explore and realize the dream of another family escapade.



The Gota Village in the Caramoan Peninsula was a forty-five minute plane ride but the long trip of more than four hours over land and water was grueling.  The season we decided to take on the adventure was a poor choice because it was rainy and there were only glimpses of sunshine kissing the beach holiday good-bye leaving it bleak and drab.

But the whole week of travel in the Bicol region, commencing at the Gota was still acclaimed as perfect … somehow, by God’s awesome grace, we remained grateful for the opportunity of travel even in miserable circumstances.

Let me share two beautiful perspectives of the village where we stayed … imprints of how God stamped our family time worthy of meaning and inspiration, HIS love always imminent.


Caramoan Peninsula coordinates:  13° 46′ 0″ N, 123° 52′ 0″ E

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