tagged T … trust

Trust is a word that is very difficult to embody in a photograph because it is like a figment, an illusion that is never tangible.  Yet, what better defining moment can TRUST be shown or felt, but in a sanctified experience like a wedding day.


Of course, the team of a bride and groom has their years ahead to embark on a journey based on trust.  There are those who fail to uphold the conviction; yet, in forgiveness another chance at happiness is always pursued.  But there are more who just give up and trust no more.

Life in marriage is a trust intensified understanding between two people in love, but because of our sinful bent, it is more often jeopardized. The hope in a third person, who can and will factor in the faith of trustworthiness, is in the being of the Lord Jesus.  In this regard, then and only then will the resolve of trust becomes less of an illusion or a figment but transcends into a reality … for always.

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6 thoughts on “tagged T … trust

  1. Wonderful …. even if I never been married and I know so many people not trusting each other anymore. So sad. When trust is gone … it’s so difficult to rebuild. Doesn’t really matter in what kind of relationship it’s,

    1. Hi Viveka, to trust is a universal desire to commit to a relationship … however, it is sad to note that there are many failed relationships although i know that there is always HOPE. thank you for visiting me again … have a blessed day 🙂

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