a word a week … mountain


A rustic countryside on the way home to the city.  Bob and I were serenely enjoying the ride, taking on the breath-taking view of the province north of Manila.   The silhouetted mountain backdrop complemented the greenery of the landscape making the entire vista a sight to behold.

Mountains, in the natural sense, is the large heap of land mass with sloping sides meant to protect an area from weather forces.  As I read, they are pushed up as the tectonic plates shift, piling up heaps and forming these ranges.

In a deeper reflection, mountains are formed in our everyday struggles.  They can be viewed as obstacles or challenges to be hurdled and in the end, survived.  As I spoke my heart in Ailsa’s prompt, let me reiterate my sentiments:

Beyond the mountains of everyday grind,
We should see the Lord and not be blind.
Traversing only the pathway,
That leads to HIM never astray.

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2 thoughts on “a word a week … mountain

  1. I love the photo..me and my husband when we get away one of the type of places we go to is the mountains, to get away from everyone and enjoy the creation our Lord has created. AMEN

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