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With hearts raging pulses of excitement, Bob and I stood in awe of the infamous structure because the Leaning Tower of Pisa is one sight to behold!  Other than the world-renown blunder of building the belfry on a soft bed of river sediments causing the sinking of the tower, the entire conglomerate of edifices in the piazza is an architectural masterpiece on its own.

There have been experiments, structural repairs and even closing down of the tower for tourists to climb; in order to save it from further sinking.  I have read that they have somehow mitigated its impending collapse and that people from all over can enjoy it for a longer time still.

Many times in life, when we ground our feelings on things that are wavering, we encounter frustrations and regrets; thus sinking us into the depths of sadness and emptiness.  This is a poignant reality, but there is always HOPE.  The risen LORD always extends HIS hand for us to take;  in order to pluck us out of the miry pit we sunk ourselves in.  Reach out and seize HIS hand so we can once again stand upright in HIS love and grace.

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8 thoughts on “tagged S … sinking

    1. hi Doc, i am sure you and your wife will be able to visit it before it does … you need just half a day to take in the moment, it is just two fast train rides from Rome and when you get back to Florence, you’ll have more time to see the Florentine spectacle of architecture and history …

    1. hi Kz, thank your for visiting and encouraging me again.

      its just that the Lord has set my life firmly connected to HIS that’s why I am able to relate every little thing in my life to how God moves in the sphere of my being. there are times when i think that i say too much, its just that i can’t stop myself from giving back to God the glory HE so deserves. thank you for appreciating it, Kz, it is heart-warming 🙂

    1. yes, Frizz … i am thinking if i will stick with this new one because the font size seem to be small … but i like its minimalist feel … any suggestions? i can also upload Bob’s and my photo to be used for the header … thank you, Frizz 🙂

  1. I don’t share you faith and believes … but this photo is GREAT! Would be terrible to lose a piece of history like that, but it’s life too – building has a life span too. I hope they are able to find out a way to save it.

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