tagged R … rainbow

The rainbow exemplifies a promise … a covenant.


In Genesis (which is the first book of the Bible), the promise of God revealed that HE will not destroy the world with global flood again as HE did during the time of Noah.  It is the illustration of God’s grace, that as a people who endlessly commit sin, we are bound for judgment; yet, HE promised not to destroy mankind in that manner once more.

The rainbow is such a beautiful illustration of an assurance from the Creator Himself; thus, the loving symbol of such a promise should always evoke peace in the heart.  A trust that is righteously God’s because His word is absolute and true.

The sight of the rainbow is hope personified in the merciful love of the Lord.  May the joy of the colors of the rainbow not remain as reflections of light; but a guarantee of a promise made in love.  Thus, we shall not only “see our troubles melt like lemon drops” somewhere over the rainbow, but a covenant of eternal peace in God’s embrace where our troubles cease to be.

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8 thoughts on “tagged R … rainbow

  1. I agree with frizztext. The lemon drop line was a nice added touch. When you feel like you are drowning, look to the rainbow!

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