weekly photo challenge: culture


The diversity of culture is bridged in travel.

Usually a sweet smile offered to a stranger’s glance results to small talks and eventually even friendships.  One’s unfamiliarity to a new place being explored releases the desire to reach out to human company and comfort even to someone who is different in everything one is not.  However sundry the ethnicity, beliefs or values a group of travelers has, any journey of discovery can evoke a joy of bonding either trivial or enduring.

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11 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: culture

  1. I remember my first trip out of the country. It was to Mexico. It was a very strange feeling to be the minority and not understand what other’s were saying. I found a smile went a long way in connecting and bridging the gap.

    1. a warm smile really goes a long way, indeed! i am basically a shy person, but somehow i am able to share a smile with a kind-looking stranger and somehow i have always managed to strike meaningful conversations, most times with BOB beside me, of course 🙂

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