26 April … W for willy’s rock

for willy’s rock


Willy’s Rock is an infamous landmark on the shores of Boracay.  Many photos of the most visited beach in the island somehow and someway has this ROCK as partly or wholly marked as background or foreground.

It has probably given someone in the world an inspiration to want to visit the island of Boracay and take a part of it home.  Willy’s Rock can in some way represent the big island of the Philippines withstanding the tides and waves that pound its mass; yet remains unyielding to the pressure of what the country faces each day.

As the sun sets beyond its horizon and Willy’s Rock sits on shore devoid of the pulsing waves, it may well be a “monument” of the people’s resiliency and steadfastness anchored on honor and loyalty.


10 thoughts on “26 April … W for willy’s rock

  1. This was my favorite spot too. After work, I would walk from station 2 all the way to a hidden grotto at the back of the island. I found so much refuge in this beautiful island.

    1. Wow, IT … you worked in Boracay, that is way too cool. This place, although too crowded for me today, has always had a soft spot in my heart. I remember Bob bringing us there for the first time nearly 20 years ago when it was not so “touristy”, it was so quiet, rustic and just beautiful! Oh well, life has its trade offs 😉 thank you for visiting again, Mr. B!

      1. Absolutely. I am so glad that you contacted me before the Challenge started to touch base. A big thank you too for stopping by and reading my posts too! Two more posts to go… 🙂

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