thought snippet thirty-one {keeping your word}


In Genesis 47 verse 30, it says

“… so Joseph promised, I will do as you ask.”

Let us remember that any promise, big or small is a sworn oath that should never be taken for granted.  It may consume time to accomplish or even just a fleeting second to handle; but we have to just DO it when we avow to do so.

Honor complements the promise we speak.  So our careful faithfulness to our word is a trustworthy testament of who we are.  May we who pledge a vow will always be cautious to uphold it as long as we breathe life.  For our God will take pleasure in our fortitude to give HIM back the glory when a vow is spoken and accomplished by the Lord’s grace.


2 thoughts on “thought snippet thirty-one {keeping your word}

  1. I enjoyed this post. It is extremely important to keep your word because it does speak of your character. My motto is if I’m not one hundred percent sure I can do it, I don’t promise it.

    Have fun with the rest of a-z.

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