25 April … V for volcano

for volcano

The Islands are entrenched on the Ring of Fire.  Thus, our volcanoes are very much alive, taunting to release serious outbursts. However, there are two beautiful volcanoes taking center stage in my post today.  Both are significant landscape features in the Philippine setting, one being the world’s smallest active volcano and the other having a perfect cone-shaped summit.  Though they are threats to life and limb, in their quiet state, they remain to be picturesque countryside spectacles of beauty.


The Taal Volcano sits on the lake of its namesake.  Though tiny in comparison to many other volcanoes in the island, it is one of the feistiest for having erupted thirty three times since 1572 and claiming lives and property in its outbursts.  It is tranquil in its state today, resting in its cool comfort in the Taal Lake; its beauty is breath-taking.


The other volcano is the Mayon found south of the big Island of Luzon in the region known as Bicol.  Its summit is beautifully crafted into a perfect cone, but it is seemingly starting to crack under much pressure by the activity brewing in its depths.  But as we visited five years ago, we saw how majestic it stood as a backdrop of a gorgeous sunset that ended our day with peace and tranquility in the Creator’s palette of artistry.


13 thoughts on “25 April … V for volcano

      1. I have been there on the end of 2010.
        2 weeks at Calaca. and 1.5 month at Ormoc.
        The volcano can be seen between manila to calaca, can’t it?

      2. Hi there, this is Taal volcano which is in the island of Luzon, the other two places you mentioned are in the Visayas area which is farther down south of the islands 🙂

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