a word a week: worker

An old man captured unaware, while taking a much needed respite from the heat and laborious toil of driving a “calesa”, a horse-drawn carriage, in the streets of Manila. I was guilty of having taken this photograph without his permission, but I cannot help but be touched by how difficult his occupation was as he sneaked in a snooze amidst the heat and the busyness of the environs.


A phrase swirls in my head echoing “not sleeping on the job”; yet, I cannot fault this worker for doing so, because of the tedious manual labor he is involved with and with very minimal compensation befitting a hand to mouth existence.  He just so deserved this moment to renew and refresh his vigor for another journey echoing in the cobblestones of Binondo in Manila.

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14 thoughts on “a word a week: worker

    1. hi … yes, truly deserving. thank you for the honor of a reblog. Bob and I are looking together to forever … beyond comprehension, but by God’s grace it can happen 🙂


    1. hi Tina, even if they follow the 9 to 5 thing, their job is so physically exhausting that maybe the little moments they have free they take it to sleep … thank you for your usual kind encouragement 🙂

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