thought snippet thirty {leading}


In Psalm 25, verse 10 it says:

” The Lord leads with unfailing love and faithfulness …”

This is a very uplifting promise to keep whenever there are uncertainties being sown in our hearts.  The reminder will shake us out of the melancholy of depraved realities that impede the power of the Spirit to overcome these worthless things.

The Lord’s unfailing love restores the confidence that pride erodes because we rely on our abilities that are finite and insufficient.  We think we are good enough to hurdle all the challenges that life brings forsaking the truth of God’s light that is eternally shining on our path to righteousness.  His faithfulness never diminishes, we always fail to remember and believe that HE waits for us to live this privilege constantly.

Therefore, dwell in the presence of the Lord in our lives, let us be strong in His love and faithfulness … never in doubt, always in remembrance and in faith.


3 thoughts on “thought snippet thirty {leading}

  1. Beautiful written … and even if I don’t have the same beliefs and faith, like you have, I think it’s wonderful that you and others find your comfort, your strength and guiding in God and through God.

    1. Hi Viveka, we have an awesome God who surpasses anything because HE is the ultimate perfecter of both faith and love.

      thank you for dropping by and i hope that you will believe that despite our differences, we are the same in HIS eyes who loves us both, regardless.

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