22 April … S for smile

for smile

A smile that reflects the heart is the most touching response to a random “hello”.

These children gave me their warmest smile of welcome when I said a casual greeting as I strangely met them on my way to a certain place during our road trip from one point to the next.  Their simple innocence of friendliness reflects how my people are defining kindness and hospitality.





Smile … the Filipino way!


18 thoughts on “22 April … S for smile

    1. hi Janaline, you are so encouraging, thank you so much! the kids smiled with their hearts and it was not difficult to capture the innocence of their kind deed.

      i hope i will not fail your expectation 🙂


    1. these kids were just so adorable … they tugged at my heart, seeing their smiles despite knowing what hardships they go through. i took the photos in the places in my country where life is more challenging. however, seeing their smiles just blew me away 🙂

  1. Beautiful photos, nothing is more lovely than a child’s smile, and nothing is more catching to give to people – a smile travels once sent on its way!

    Good luck with the rest of the A-Z! I’m doing animal poems and facts and often a drawing as well, I like to make things hard for myself.

    Liz http://www.lizbrownleepoet.com

      1. It’s been my pleasure, April… I have so enjoyed seeing your photos and learning more about life in the Philippines Just keep on a to z-ing! 🙂

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