17 April … O for overseas

for overseas


There are millions of my people who have gone overseas to work in order to earn better and provide more meaningfully for their families.  They are considered heroes of our time because their shares in remittances have fueled our once dwindling economy into one that is thriving and robust.

Although there have been sacrifices involved because of physical separation among loved ones, there have been reasons to celebrate improved lifestyles for those directly affected and for the whole country as well.  My heart is torn between being proud of our overseas workers and being frayed because of the many stories I have learned about families being broken.

Life has, indeed, its trade off.  But I am praying that the Lord will continue to allow my people to be more dependent on HIM alone in choosing the better path towards living according to God’s will transcending options that will invoke pain and frustration.


13 thoughts on “17 April … O for overseas

  1. We have this principle in our family while growing up that even if we are not as well off here abroad, what matters is we are together. My dad brought us to live with him here in Dubai a few years after he started working here. To him, even if we werent as well off, or if we didn’t get to go to the best schools, or we couldn’t eat out as much as we couldve if we lived in the Philippines, the memories we had together, the education we got at home from our parents and the sacrifices we witnessed them make were the best tools they used to raise us to what we are today. Families should really stay together, whether it be in the Philippines or abroad.

    1. Hi Rhey, my hats off to your dad who prioritized your family being together no matter what. maybe not everyone gets to be blessed like your family who was able to stay together (physically, that is) overseas. our hearts more than anything, next to God, belong to the family!

      you mentioned having education at home … i homeschooled my two boys and i continue to praise God for the privilege. i hope you will do the same for Aria …

  2. I know so many life stories of difficulties and heartaches of OFWs. But until there is a real change in our homeland situation, the grass will always seems “greener” in the other side of the fence. And our kababayans will be willing to take a chance to cross that “barbwire” fence, even if it means getting wounded and scarred.

    1. hi Doc, as you said “seems” … until everyone realizes that it is only by God’s grace that true life comes from HIM, there will always be discontent. i am not saying though that it is not good to desire better things, it is just that faith in God who is able to do exceedingly and abundantly in our lives is truly the way to prosper and succeed in all aspects of our lives … in our weakness, HE is our strength.

      sorry po, if that sounded preachy, it is my love for God that truly allows peace in my heart despite the uncertainties we face; thus, i pray that our kababayans will see this as well. thank you for visiting and writing a very heartfelt observation … salamat po, ulit 🙂 — April

  3. My thoughts and prayers to all the overseas workers. I do know that a lot of them suffered so much so their families can have a better life. That’s truly what a selfless love truly means. To set aside once comfort so their children can have a decent, comfortable life. Yes, there is a price for following one’s dream or that of their families. Me and my sisters knew this by heart. God bless.

    1. Hi, Mr. B … our kababayans need our prayers whenever we remember them because believe me they go through heartbreaks and other major downfall because of their choice to leave and seek better opportunities overseas. i pray that life in our country will continue to suffice and provide better options for them to come home and be together with their loved ones.

      i know that you and your siblings have chosen your calling; yet i know that your hearts have remained in the roots of your birth. even if you are away from home, your being Filipino will always be very much a part of who you are today. Maraming salamat sa lagi ninyong pagbisita at pag-“encourage” sa akin … you have been a major part of my blogging life with your inspiration, beautiful posts of your lovely family life and even your deep sense of loyalty to the country of your birth! from Bob’s and my heart, thank you, dear Mr. B!

    1. Hi, i know exactly what you mean … i am hoping that people will see God’s design for the family so that no unnecessary sacrifices have to be made but to exercise faith and devotion to the Lord who makes all things possible. — April

  4. It is certainly a tough decision to have to make, April. I don’t envy anyone in that situation. I am very lucky not to have to travel and be away from loved ones for long periods of time.

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