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As I was looking at my archives of this fascinating world’s smallest volcano, I saw that I had two wonderful perspectives of this beautiful subject.


There was one attempt when I stitched a panorama of this picturesque landscape where Bob and I were on hilly Tagaytay overlooking the Taal volcano which is south of Manila.  It was an overwhelming sight that simply took my breath away.


Then, Bob and I at another time went down Tagaytay in the Talisay town of Batangas, likewise south of the city of Manila, where we found ourselves in a cove and had a perfect view nearer the Taal volcano itself.  It was a long distance in miles and hours between these two destinations; yet, we followed our hearts so we can take in the perspectives of the grandeur of God’s creation in awe and thanksgiving.

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12 thoughts on “tagged P … perspectives

  1. A priceless, beautiful gem. I only saw Taal from Tagaytay. I always wanted to see it upclose or ride the boat to be close to its waters. I heard there are Tilapias too, freshly catch and cooked for the tourists. Yum!

    1. Yes, indeed. we have not tried to summit the volcano yet, it had been in the bucket list, but somehow it has remained there. we are getting older and i was told that it requires a great deal of endurance and fortitude to do so …

  2. It is a perspective that is so calming. Such beautiful pictures! I wish I was able to experience the landscape. My only recollection of the Philippines is Clark Air Force Base. I went there to visit my Dad before he was reassigned in 1991 to the Gulf War. Thanks for sharing them 🙂

    1. Hi Allyson, it gives me so much joy knowing that you have come to visit my country. maybe when you are able to do so again, Bob and I can show you around … promise 🙂 — April

      1. April, thank you so kindly! One day I would love to meet you and Bob in person. It would be a lovey day for Jim and I. You have a beautiful country of very warm people 🙂

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