in love with memories: taking a Bath moment …

After catching my breath at the Stonehenge, I was ready to take a BATH moment!  Somerset was almost an hour away west of Wiltshire amidst the beautiful English countryside of plains and rolling hills that were spectacularly draped with moments of sunlight and instantly hampered by dreary clouds.


As soon as the bus started to climb a mountainous landscape, the surrounding scenery was beyond my dreams.  Then, from yonder, we were told to expect and see the magnificent “golden” county of Bath resting on the Avon Valley.  The Georgian architecture of the buildings made use of honey-colored stones creating a classical facade of uniformity and luxury.


This is starting to be a monotonous travelogue … but remembering the experience evokes a structured memory because of its heritage and legacy.

Bath is one place where I truly felt a sense of being wrapped in history like walking into the movie sets of Camelot and Braveheart. Hoping not to demean the charm of the site or the passion of the films, the metaphor was a personal expose.


Thus, let me just show you a slideshow of the snippets of beauty that Bath bathe my mind with.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


8 thoughts on “in love with memories: taking a Bath moment …

    1. Hi Faye, i thought Bob and I needed more time to explore the place as well … praying for a second chance 🙂 thank you for visiting ans i will definitely stop by your site today — April

    1. Hi IT, i hope that you can bring your wife and son to experience these beautiful places in Europe … just thinking of it now makes me want to read what meaningful memories you can share with us 🙂

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