15 April … M for mango

for mango


Yellow mangoes are succulent fruits with their nectar so sweet; it is like eating a piece of heaven!  I like it best when it is made to ripen slowly in a cool and dark spot in the house, allowing its tart flesh to mellow into a sweet decadence of lusciousness.

The mango is the island’s national fruit now grown year-round in the different provinces of the country. Suffice it to say, that we do not have to wait for summer to indulge in its saccharine tenderness like how it was in my youth, harvest time is not limited to a season anymore!


15 thoughts on “15 April … M for mango

  1. Mango …. my favorite exotic fruit!!! Drink it’s juice every morning – even if I live in Scandinavia – my favorite juice brand do a fresh mango juice, best start of a day.

    1. hi IT, Guimaras are our favorite mangoes … we have been to Iloilo but we have yet to get to Guimaras which is a boat ride away. now i know why you are such a sweet husband and dad … you are Ilonggo! — April

    1. this is the better mango, the green ones are tart and you would need something to eat it with to mellow out the sour taste. although, it grows on you as you go along enjoying it 😉

    1. Hi Bron, i have not done this in a long time … it is way too cool to eat the “seed bone” of the mango which after slicing it into 3 parts, you get the middle part which is the seed bone and eat it with your hands! the outer two layers can be scooped out in portions or like how i did it here, i scooped the entire mango flesh with a goblet or glass from the skin and sliced them as in the photo. but if you have artistic inclinations, it will be fun to score the mango flesh diagonally and push the skin inside out, and you get a fancy “parallelogram” shaped mango bits of heaven!

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