weekly photo challenge: change

This is probably my entry that will speak beyond my heart crying with joy for what change has taken place between the two most important men in my life.  These two photos were taken with ten years in between.

The first photo was snapped in a beach resort in Batangas one early morning in December when we were having our sunrise walk.  Notice how my son clung to his father as if not wanting him to go.  From afar, as I took this photo, I felt the love between them, how they, in the solitude of the morning emanated such intimacy.

The second photograph was taken a year ago in Palawan.  This time it was my Bob who lovingly draped his arm over his son’s shoulders.  They were both in a giddy mood, playing around and having a snappy interlude of plain fun.

Changes take place in our lives.  These are changes in the physical make-up transcending love that blooms more beautiful realities between relationships in families and friendships as time passes us by.  These changes that take place grow in depth and breadth founded in the love of God who makes us able to go through them with confidence in HIM alone.

share a picture that says CHANGE


24 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: change

    1. hi Joan, they have maintained to be close and Bob has involved himself with his son that he can tell his dad everything! i continue to praise God for the beautiful relationship my husband has nurtured with our son. thank you for visiting 🙂 — April

    1. Hi Imelda, thank you for your usual kind encouragement, you are such a blessing. My Bob and his mini-me is such good friends as well, they dote on each other very much, and I praise God for their father-son relationship which has been founded in true love 🙂

  1. I love the comparison. I see the same thing in my daughter when she sits at the dining room table and her feet easily touch the floor. I didn’t seem that long ago when her legs dangled like ropes off the side of the chair she sat in.

    1. hi there, every moment in the life of our kids needs to be a constant reminder that we should experience them all the time … connected and loved. since they grow up fast and we can not retrieve back squandered moments and say “if only” … ah! parenthood … but i praise God always for Bob’s and my kids, they truly are gifts! thank you for visiting — April

    1. thank you so much, Doc. my son is such a chip off the (a beautiful) block and i praise God for them two. thank you for sparing a moment to say one of the nicest things i ever got from blogger friends. salamat po! — April

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