in love with memories: a walk in the park …

This was not a planned adventure; it was a fulfillment of a dream. I was alone in a city far away from home while Bob was in a convention; thus, I was by my lonesome self and living the breadth and width of a dream … LONDON.

I rode the red bus to get to the infamous Trafalgar Square in central London and in minutes without a corner turned, I found myself in the middle of it all.


Then beyond, peeking through the high edifices, as if invoking me, was Big Ben.  So that I could say that I talked to a constable, I asked him the directions toward the infamous timepiece.


With the wintry winds giving me a headache, I was starting to feel faint.  But the excitement of being able to see the legendary landmarks energized my frozen body, clicking away at the shutter in order to immortalize the captured images of my reverie.



There was a surprise God blessed me with as I was looking for my way to see the Queen (actually, the Queen’s palace).  In the Westminster area, where I knew I was going around in circles, I happened to see a kind lady smiling at me.  She pointed me to the right direction and “commanded” me to pass the park rather than the shorter route through the concrete jungle as she described.


St. James’ Park was beyond any recreational area I have ever been to.  It was here where I cried some tears as I worshipped God thanking HIM for the privilege of seeing the colors of autumn surrounding me, a playful squirrel that gave me a scare, watching a pelican fall into a deep sleep and just having the best time of my life taking “a million” photographs that captured my heart!


It was indeed a beautiful walk in the park, with my Lord holding my hand and leading me to make imprints of glorious memories beyond the dream I thought would ever come true.

 It says in Isaiah 55, verse 8:

“My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the Lord,“And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.” NLT


5 thoughts on “in love with memories: a walk in the park …

    1. Hi Jo, this park was a pleasant surprise, it was my first glimpse at the colors of fall and it was an experience that will be with me for always. being born and living in the tropics, i only have the wet and dry seasons … autumn was just a dream, and the walk through St. James Park made it a reality. beautiful name, Jo 🙂

    1. thank you, Gracie! i wrote from the heart and remembered every moment as if i was doing it all over again. i hope to share more memories … stay tuned!

      btw, i am joining your B&W Friday challenge … i hope to learn from the experience 😉

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