tagged O … overcrowded


Despite the rains, there was overcrowding at the St. Paul’s Ruins in the heart of the Macau Peninsula.  Tourists were all over trying to get a clear opening for the desired photograph memento with the infamous ruins as backdrop.  Even as there were myriads of free-tasting delicacies being offered along the pathway atop the hill, the excitement was still to see in full perspective the remnants of the cathedral.

The grand staircase was almost always filled with people representing the cultures of the world.  It was a meaningful experience to be in the crowd and hearing the many languages being spoken like lyrical poetry yet not understanding if they were even talking about me!

Overcrowded or not, I saw this opportunity to take my own keepsake far from the crowd yet capturing a silhouette of such a grandeur even if it remains to be in ruins.

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