a word a week: old

In the sunset of our lives, we can rely on old friendships that will see us through as the glimmering light starts to fade.  Memories of youth and hopes of tomorrow can transform cold and distant circumstances into warm bonding moments with friendships that have remained to be until forever.


Blessings of friendships are never old reminders but are realities of old traditions founded in the purity of love and selflessness.

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3 thoughts on “a word a week: old

  1. I enjoyed your post on “old” often times people view the word old as a bad thing but the bible has some scriptures pertaining to old. And one that comes to my mind as I read your post is in Titus…when it talks about the older men and women are to teach the younger men and women…

    1. Hi Desiray, it will not be a long time anymore until i will uphold the verse … but in His service, by His grace, i hope to be able to do as the Lord pleases! thank you so much for your reminder — APRIL

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