09 April … H for halo-halo

for halo-halo

“HALO-HALO” literally translated is “mix-mix”; thus, the blending of different sweet ingredients together and scooping them one spoonful at a time always brings a pleasurable indulgence.


In order to cool down from the sweltering heat of summer, Filipinos indulge in a cold concoction of mixing sweet beans and bananas, tapioca and grated coconut meat with shaved ice and milk topped with ice cream or purple yam.  There are a variety of ways to mix in different ingredients of sweet delicacies but the constant is the shaved ice and milk that bring together the refreshing blend into a cohesive cooling dessert.



10 thoughts on “09 April … H for halo-halo

  1. You make me want to have one. Halo-Halo reminds me of a kind of style shaved ice I grew up savoring in the hot sun of Hawaii. Since I’ve been reading your entries, I can see so many oceanic and Asian influences that have fused into a Hawaiian culture.

    1. Hi Allyson, it could be that there are a lot of Asians (including Filipinos) settled in Hawaii … in fact, my dad’s sister and family had migrated there in the ’60’s. i have visited your island a few years ago and i felt like i was just back home 🙂 thank you for continuing to read my entries, i am so encouraged! — APRIL

    1. hi Mary, it is indeed, with the heat sweltering where i am, this is truly a refreshing indulgence … i can only think of sherbet if only to make you understand how gloriously comforting it is against the heat of summer 😉 thank you for visiting — April

  2. I love halo halo… this is one of my favourite types of desserts when I am able to get to Chinatown ( yes, I know it’s Filipino but we don’t get any many Fillipino eateries where I live!) . I love the combination of textures and the shaved ice…delicious.

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