travel theme: pale

It was one of the “palest” mornings I ever saw.  The fog engulfed THE PEAK in the island of Hongkong as we alighted from the funicular.  We went up the hill to be able to see a beautiful vista of the city, only to be welcomed by a thick fog that blanketed the skyline.


Although we lost the chance to see a spectacular panorama, we were able to take in a moment of chilly weather that cooled our bodies from the seething heat of Manila. The Lord’s grace gave us a chance to enjoy some other privileges even if we failed in some of our expectations.

Thus, everything else PALES in comparison to God’s amazing grace.

hushed in awe … at Ailsa’s Travel theme


8 thoughts on “travel theme: pale

  1. What a dreamy landscape shot. Looks almost futuristic. Hong Kong is one of my favorite Asian cities 🙂 It has personality 🙂

    1. Hi Mel, when we were there and had the fog, it saddened me because for sure we would miss out on seeing Hongkong from our vantage point … but then, the unexpected event gave us an altogether new perspective of Hongkong. yes, it is one of my favorite cities as well! — April

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