tagged N … negatives

These film negatives are so old school that when I took them out from “hiding” (storage, if you please), my fifteen-year old son who had seen them for the first time was so amazed and did not really know what they were.  I, too, was so surprised that these negatives seemed to be a part of my NOT SO distant past but at that instant I felt so ancient!


However, with the advent of digital photography, I now enjoy more creative pursuits without the fear of spending too much for post processing.  And the instant results at seeing the positive outcome of a subject captured bring so much elation that photography has been a good outlet for relaxation, distressing and artistic recreation.

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7 thoughts on “tagged N … negatives

    1. Hi Naomi, i agree with you there! personally, there have been great innovations with most things and ways i have been used to, and somehow there is always a certain sentiment attached to them i will never be able to let go. thank you for visiting — APRIL

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