05 April … E for embroidery

for embroidery


Bob and I are wearing indigenous formal outfits for a wedding ceremony.  The material is made from pineapple fiber extracted from the leaves of the fruit.  It is a tedious process to extricate the basic component of the clothing material but its delicate feel and silhouette when processed are the primary reasons why Filipinos love to wear these fashionable native attires.

My husband is wearing the “Barong Tagalog”, the national formal apparel for men.  This is hand-embroidered with silk thread which takes weeks to finish.  Geometric designs are the usual patterns for this embroidery but stylized floral patterns make up beautiful embroidered masterpieces.

I am wearing a gown made of the same pineapple fiber but the intricacy of the embroidery takes months to complete.  Some pearls are sewn together with glass sequins in order to enhance the flat dimension of the embroidery.  Usually, a team of women work on one gown in order to shorten the period of the arduous sewing process.

Both garments cannot be washed with water nor iron pressed.  Thus, delicate laundry instructions are followed to clean the outfits so that the embroidery and material may stay intact for a long time.


9 thoughts on “05 April … E for embroidery

  1. It also really looks like a flattering fabric….i.e. not cling to areas you don’t want to be highlighted heh 😉 Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. hi Allyson, the embroidery is such a work of art and it is a painstakingly laborious process but once done, one can’t seem to fathom its beauty. the pineapple cloth is wispy and very light … its fragile to the touch:) thank you for visiting again — APRIL

    1. Hi Elizz, thank you … now looking at it again, i am thinking that i should have worn a string of pearls instead? us women and our whims … haha! thanks for visiting 🙂

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