04 April … D for daybreak

for daybreak

Daybreak in the islands …


This is the most dramatic daybreak landscape I have seen in my lifetime over the South China Sea surrounding the islands of Palawan, west of Manila.  I saw it as God painting HIS palette of orange and yellow hues … a telltale sign of hope for the coming day.


Through the summit ridges of Baguio in the northern Philippines, the sun peeked as if teasing me with welcoming joy.  The complimenting colors transcended borders making the scenery a union of serenity.


On one of our road trips to Pangasinan, as we left one destination still draped in darkness to go to the next, we were slowly greeted by the dawn of a new morning over the plains of salt farms.  The silhouette of the farmer actively harvesting the grounds was an amazing sight of work and service.


Finally, daybreak in my neighborhood as backdrop of a lowly weed transformed the dreary image into a creative outlook of a new hope over routine or habit.


12 thoughts on “04 April … D for daybreak

  1. Wow, such beautiful photos. I love sunrise and sunsets near the coast. I have only seen the East Coast in the USA, I want to travel to the West Coast and see it also.

    1. hi Joe, thank you for the encouragement! i, too, love both sunrise and sunset moments … and i praise God for allowing me chances to see their beauty more often than deserved 🙂 — APRIL

    1. Hi Doc, i praise God that HE has given me great opportunities to see HIS beautiful creation at daybreak! that was one inspiring perspective at seeing a lowly weed welcoming a new morning. thank you for visiting 🙂 — April

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