03 April … C for craftsmanship

for craftsmanship

The craftsmanship of my people is an interesting showcase of artistry and ingenuity.  The creativity of a Filipino is a character trait I am truly proud of.

creative hands

The simple Christmas star made of paper and plastic with some sticks and glue, when created with an expectant Christmas sentiment, can add glimmer to the simple lantern.

creative hands3

Fashion need not be costly.  The creative mind combined with a heart that crafts beauty can make jewelry accessories model grace and charm.

creative hands2

Our townsfolk in the provinces use their hands to create beautiful pottery.  Most people in rural areas I know have put their hands on soil or loam to create from clay, crafts of earthenware that show their regional culture and heritage.

creative hands4

And a final testament of Filipino craftsmanship is his love affair with woodwork.  Armed with indigenous crafting tools, the artisan creates beautiful works of art from wood that spans from a lowly frame, to chairs and even to a whole wooden dwelling.


20 thoughts on “03 April … C for craftsmanship

  1. Craftsmenship creates art. Beautiful pieces and a beautiful tribute to the Filipino artist. So many talented people and so imaginative.

  2. This was a wonderful post showcasing our culture and heritage. I love the photos you shared.

    Sorry I’m late, I’m catching up now. Hope you had a blessed Resurrection Day!


  3. something i wish we had more of in the us. those crafts are beautiful and unique, ours are cookie cutter & technology doing the work… love hands on crafts! beautiful!

  4. i really appreciate our craftsmanship and i hate the commercialized ones that are made somewhere else popping out at the malls… i love quiapo ilalim with all the basket woven things.

    1. Hi Rhey, i am so sorry i missed responding immediately to your comment … oh, yes, it has been a long time since Bob and i went to Quiapo. although there are better showrooms now for our crafts, one in mind is somewhere in intramuros.

      i love our basket crafts, whenever we go out of town i see to it that i bring home something rustic from the province!

  5. This is a fabulous blog. I met some lovely ladies from your country when I spent a few months in Cyprus last year. A truly beautiful people you are 🙂

      1. Hey April, no problems. I am really enjoying your blog. The images you have are spectacular.

        I am pretty easy to find speedingturtlegetsfit.com .

        🙂 Bron

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