02 April … B for beaches

for beaches

Beaches in the Philippines surround the archipelago; being a country of 7,107 islands speaks of powdery sands and azure waters!  Life is not a BEACH in this part of the world, but we are blessed with opportunities of frolic and fun in myriads of choices of white, black, brown, pink or gray sands kissed with the warmth of sunshine.


Boracay tops the list of these beautiful paradise destinations.  Although shy of being rustic or rural, it boasts of lavish resorts at par with the world-renown vacation getaways.  But when one comes for a visit on non-peak season, Boracay can win your heart like a lover’s clasp of a union till forever.  Trust me on that, it has won our family’s heart in that sense.


Bohol is another beach destination worth a detour.  The waters teem with beautiful sea life that transports you to a dream-like stupor; you would not like to be awakened from.

blue lagoon

The Blue Lagoon up north of the big island is fondly named after that famed movie in the ‘80’s.  It is a cove hidden from the main highways, luring road trippers the excitement of finding this gem after hours of land travel.  The reflection of the skies on the waters translates a monochromatic paradise of blue heaven.


15 thoughts on “02 April … B for beaches

  1. I love the beaches, Subic may be mostly grey sand but since it’s home to the beloved it’s dearest to our hearts. We’ve yet to travel to Boracay and the rest of the popular beaches but we plan to do it soon.

    Another beautiful post.


    1. hi Tyrean, these beaches are in the provinces, quite far from where i live. but the trips and arduous preparations are all worth it when you reach the beaches … they are beautiful indeed! — April

  2. Beautiful beaches, how lucky you are to have such wonderful places to visit… I love the beach, it is one of my favourite places. One of my favourites is the Bay of Fires (http://www.bayoffires.com.au/?gclid=CP6gz8LJqrYCFUYhpQodlQ0ADQ) on the NE coast of Tasmania. My husband and I spent Christmas there a couple of years ago, white sandy beaches, pristine clear water and so remote – there was no one else around for hours.

    1. hi Trish … it has been so hot where i am lately, we are now reaching 37 degrees centigrade! and my heart longs to be at these places again. i am sure you will get to finish all your posts at the right time to publish. — APRIL

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