01 April … A for adobo

for adobo


It is one of the better known viands which is native to the Philippines, although its name is Spanish in origin.  The main ingredients of the dish can either be pork or chicken; or better still, a combination of both.  Either food item is stewed in vinegar mixed with a twist of soy sauce, infused with cloves of garlic and whole black peppercorns.

Adobo is a balance of tastes bordering on the sour, clashing with the saltiness and hinting the spiciness of pepper; yet, invoking a harmony of flavor.  Truth be told, I love eating adobo after being stored a day or two and gradually reheated.  Its tang bursts with more zest bringing the palate into seventh heaven forgetting the reason why it did, permeating only its delicious fusion.

Adobo likewise speaks of what the Filipino is.  Being colonized by a heap of influences from where we are in the east and as far from the west, the Filipino maintains a steadfast persona replete with an amiable balance of fortitude and resilience.


20 thoughts on “01 April … A for adobo

  1. I’m probably the only Pinoy who doesn’t like adobo. Of all things I’d dislike, it’s gotta be the iconic Pinoy food! Does it make me less of a Pinoy? If it’s any consolation, I love sinigang. I hope that redeems me. 🙂

    1. Hi AJ, do you think “sinigang” will be a good topic for the letter “S”? anyway, NO, it does not make you less of a Pinoy for not liking our “pambansang ulam” … strangely so, you’re the only one i know who has not acquired a taste for it though. your favored food is a staple in my home 🙂

  2. Hi,
    This sounds like a wonderful dish and it looks delicious. I love fresh garlic and soy sauce mixed together in cooking. I am personally not a cook but I love to eat a meal prepared with lots of taste.

    I enjoyed your article.


    1. hi shail — it is yummy indeed! it is easy to cook, you just need to balance the flavors of sour and salty and you’re good! if you want the recipe, i can send it to you through mail 🙂 — April

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