thought snippet twenty-six {silence}


How is silence defined as deafening?

Is it a moment when words are not used to respond to a query or is it a moment when even a response is not enough to break the silence?

Silence is deafening when nothing is done to mute the anger, to pacify the disappointment or to appease the insensitivity towards a loved one’s need.  It creates a deep hollow of pain, of rejection and even of hopelessness. It is likewise deafening when silence is ignored and indulged upon because words inflict pain that shatter dreams and thwart reason.

Why does silence deny peace?

Even when words are uttered, silence still pervades because not all answers consummate a discussion … not all responses arrive at a solution … not all reactions pacify a fear.  The silence of understanding refuses to simplify, it conjures up more confusion and it brings more trepidation to an already anxious soul.

Silence must then be upheld to restore brokenness, to revive crushed spirits and to craft serenity.

Silence becomes real when not even a nod of appreciation is flung to a loved one’s direction, nor a smile of recognition is hurled, nor a wave of ease is cast to a lover’s way … nor a whisper of devotion is echoed to one’s heart.  Silence denies peace when it is what it is … a deafening response of insensitivity or obstinacy.

When does silence bring hope?

Silence that bridges a gap because of love evokes a miracle of sympathy, a miracle of healing and even a miracle of reconciliation … it resonates conviction, it sounds off harmony and sings of love.

A word that silences a lover’s pain soothes  … a hug that silences a lover’s tears renews … a touch that silences a lover’s soul restores.  The silence of affection is a shout of understanding, kindness and love.

What can silence echo in our hearts?

In Psalm 46, verse 10 it says:

“Be still, and know that I am God.”


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  1. Hi,
    While I do go through your posts, I must appreciate your excellent photography skills! Some lovely pics out there!


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