thought snippet twenty-five {hiding place}

Psalm 32, verse 7a says:

” For YOU are my hiding place; you protect me from trouble … “

Thank you that YOU shield me from trouble because in your arms I am safe and enveloped in your peace.  I can hide in the encompassing respite of your presence where there is nothing in this world like it.  Please let me be reminded forever that I should seek to be in there always and never to be tempted to get away because of my restless heart.

Thank you that I have your Word to ponder on and make me realize that I have that privilege because YOU love me despite my fidgety self.

May your presence be my hiding place, protected from anything that will cause me to turn my back from you.  Even if I stray, you call me back safely in the niche of your protection to enjoy your rest.  Thank you for loving me and being my hiding place.


3 thoughts on “thought snippet twenty-five {hiding place}

  1. Reading your post, I feel like I am home. Somewhere familiar, safe, comforting. God is our shelter. He keeps us safe and give us a place to rest when our feet and heart grows tired and weary.

  2. I am touched by the title you have chosen for your blog. It’s a tribute to Bob and your life that is, in all its essence, a very loving saying. It reminds me of what my husband tells me often, that I was born to be with him. Thank you for sharing your hiding place within your life…it’s a beautiful one 🙂

    1. thank you, Allyson for your uplifting comment … you have warmed my heart. my husband is a quiet man but i know he tells me the same thing through his gracious acts of love and care. i am following you back … thank you

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