weekly photo challenge: future tense

future tense

Bob and I have been blessed with a trip and this time as a family again.  It has been a long time since we are able to travel out of the country with the kids in tow and I am grateful that God answered my heart’s desire.  A week from now we will visit two cities that both speak of adventure and “shopping” … but we usually stick with the initial description trying not to seriously consider the other option.

The future holds more memories to make, traversing old paths where our footprints have been made; and its is a pleasant moment to look forward to with our hearts brimming with so much joy.

share a picture that says future tense


17 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: future tense

  1. I am both excited and happy for you. Trips with the entire family makes the most beautiful of all memories. I miss those times. Before me and my sisters went to America, we did spent a lot of local small trips. I wish things one day, it will happen again.

    1. you have been blessed with loving siblings … praying that you guys can have those times again … although i have read some of your posts when you visited your sister in the East coast (i hope i remembered that correctly) … and i felt how happy you were together! here’s wishing more opportunities of bonding moments with your loved ones.

  2. safe travels. One Italian phrase “meta me” means “Help me”. Hope you don’t have to use this for all I know you both can speak Italian. 😀

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