sunday post: bay

This bay is at the western side of the islands, relatively three hours by land from Manila.  The Subic Bay, as it is known, was once a military base of the US.  Today it is a short road trip away for a weekend respite after a long week of tedious feat in all aspects of everyday life open to anyone who chooses to take the inviting thought into a reality.


I captured the mood of sunrise which evoked serenity as I was alone with Bob taking in the calm of the morning.  It was also a time to reflect on the beauty that we sometimes forget to appreciate and thank the Creator for.

Wishing to return to this haven soon.

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7 thoughts on “sunday post: bay

    1. oh hi there … this was taken a little after sunrise! usually, when we are on vacation not a lot wake up early to catch the beautiful subtle colors of the morning, so we miss out on serene moments like these 😉 Bob and i are quite early risers, so we are able to enjoy these perfect moments all to ourselves … but i love to share them nonetheless! you have a very interesting blog … following you 🙂

      1. That’s so cool. You and Bob sure have a lot of benefits from being early risers. I will try to catch a glimpse of this beautiful view next time I go to Subic 🙂 following you back

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